All events on hold until we're out of this pandemic.

Stay safe out there everyone. 


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Photo by Sabina Moran


Sergeant at Arms:  Igor Gawryluk
Vice President:  Donna Chaplinski, 410.627.7697
Treasurer:  Sandy Taras, (302) 436-5995
Recording Secretary:  Martha Worthington
Corresponding Secretary:  Ken Taras
President:  Eric Waterman, 410.598.4597

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board:  Frank Berterman, 443.523.5339
3 years:  Susan Berterman
2 year:  Ken Taras
2 year:  Ron Apperson
1 year:  Trish Neal

Honorary Lifetime Member:  Buddy Miller


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Ravens Roost #44 - Ocean City, Maryland
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